Mai 8, 2018

Theater „Guernica Reloaded“ im Rahmen von kritnet16

Guernica Reloaded: Fear and the City,” theater play by Club Al-Hakawati, Göttingen 12.Mai, 20h, , Zentrales Hörsaalgebäude der Universität, ZHG 001

On Saturday evening, as part of “Come Together! Für Eine Große Koalition des Antirassismus,” we are hosting the theater group Club Al-Hakawati in Göttingen. They are a self-organized group whose members include people fleeing from different countries, like Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo and Pakistan, as well as people coming from various European countries.

The name “Hakawati” comes from the Arabic tradition and it means “storyteller.” In “Guernica Reloaded: Fear and the City,”* Club Al-Hakawati will tell us a story from Guernica through Aleppo to Berlin. It could be the story of any city that has completely been destroyed over the course of its history, and the survivors will tell us stories of resistance in the midst of their struggles and their flight from the falling bombs.

Saturday, May 12th


ZHG 001

* The play will be in German.