Mai 10, 2018

Programm kritnet 16


Friday 11.5.2018
10:00–13:00 Intern: Welcome United Workshops (VG 3.101; 3.104; 3.105; 3.106)
13:00–15:00 Lunch, Reception (VG), Welcome (Stilbrvch, VG)
● Intern: Welcome United Workshops (VG 3.101; 3.104; 3.106)
● Intern: Meeting of the RLS-Gesprächskreis (VG 4.106)
● Intern: Solidarity City workshops (VG 3.108)
● Intern: Kritnet-meeting: reflections and strategies, how to go on as a network (ZHG 008)
18:00–19:30 Dinner (Stilbrvch, VG)
19:30 Theatre “Eldorado – Europa” Riadh Ben Ammar (ZHG 101)
afterwards Common Podium of all networks: What Challenges
do we face? Strategies and common campaigns? (ZHG 101)

Saturday 12.5.2018
9:30–11:00 Keynotes with Ferda Ataman (Neue deutsche Organisationen, Berlin) and Isabella Consolati (Precarious Disconnections, Bologna) (ZHG 101)
11:00–13:00 Workshops I
● Post 2015 Border Regime I (ZHG 105)
Re-Stabilization of the European Border Regime after the ‘Long Summer of Migration’: Common introduction with contributions on the Mediterranean border regime, the Turkish-Greece-border regime, Balkan Route, EU-border and migration policy (Matthias Schmidt-Sembdner, Valeria Hänsel, Nina Schwarz, Maurice Stierl, Marc Speer, Chris-
tian Jakob, Muhammad al-Kashef, Gerda Heck, ,Orçun Ulusoy, Pelin Ҫakir)
● Solidarity City I (VG 2.101)
Common introduction of all workshops of this track; Concepts in and around Solidarity Cities – with contributions of Sarah Schilliger, Ilker Ataç, Antje Diederich, Sharon Shaameli and Jenny Steiner (kritnet OS/Autonome Schule
● Struggles against racism I (tba) (VG 1.108)
● Migration and Precarisation I (VG 0.111)
Common Introduction with contributions on: EU Migration and Social Struggles (Lisa Riedner), Migrant labor at the meat industry (Peter Birke), Migration of the Poor and Large-Scale Deportations within the EU (Franck Duvell), Double Precarity (Isabella Consolati), Migration and working conditions in the agricultural sector (ELAI, Witzenhausen)
● Organising I (VG 2.104)
Struggles for the right of family (re)unification with activists of “Family life for all” (Miriam, Muy, Mohamad Malas)
● Women in Exile: Selforganisation (VG 1.101)

13:00–14:30 Lunch (Stilbrvch, VG)

14:30–17:30 Workshops II
● Post 2015 Border Regime II
1. Migration Movements around the Mediterranean –Realities and Challenges with Sofian Philip Naceur, Tom Rollins, Muhammad al-Kashef, Gerda Heck (Moderation: Miriam
Edding, Maurice Stierl, Nina Schwarz) (VG 1.101)
2. The Re-Stabilization of the European-Turkish Border Regime since the EU-Turkey deal. With Orçun Ulusoy, Pelin Ҫakir, Lisa Gross, Philipp Ratfisch, Vassilis Tsianos, Bernd Kasparek, Moderation: Valeria Hänsel (VG 1.102)
3. Nearly Closed Corridor – the situation of the Balkan Route with Marta Stojić (Serbia), Andrej Kurnic (Slovenia),
Marc Speer (Hungary) and Barbara Beznec (Slovenia)
(VG 1.103)
4. Open Space (Moderation: Matthias Schmidt-Sembdner)
(VG 1.105)
● Solidarity City II
1. B*Asyl (B*AsylGöttingen) (VG 2.101)
2. Reflections on Self Organizing (Hassan, Lisa D. and Friends) (VG 2.102)
● Struggles Against Racism II (VG 2.103)
NSU Tribunal. Solidarität jenseits von Paternalismus und Identitätspolitik (NSU Tribunal) with Ibrahim Arslan and Massimo Perinelli.
● Migration and precarisation II
1. Struggles of EU-Migration (Lisa und Peter) (VG 0.111)
2. Migrant Labour – Migrant Struggles (TSS Bologna)
(VG 2.102)
● Organising II (VG 2.104)
Solidarische Praktiken und Care-Logiken im Kontext von Flucht und Migration (Christa Wichterich, Susanne Schultz,
Luxenir Caixeta, Katherine Braun, Sarah Schilliger)

Common plenary session of each track: How to intervene?
1. Post 2015 Border Regime (ZHG 105)
2. Solidarity City/Migration and Precarisation (VG 2.101)

18:00–20:00 Dinner (Stilbrvch, VG)

20:00–22:00 Theatre: Guernica Reloaded: Fear and the City
(ZHG 001)

22:00–open end Dance and Party (Stilbrvch, VG)

Sunday 13.5.2018

10:00–11:00 Action Preparation – Women breaking borders
(VG 0.110)
10:00–11:00 Brunch (Stilbrvch, VG)
11:00–14:00 Forum: Different Struggles – Common Plans?! How to struggle on? (ZHG 101)
Further arrangements and Closing

● Fr–Sa: Childcare (VG 2.108)
● Sa–Su: Film Screening (VG.1.104)
● Fr–Su: Yallah Exhibition (VG 1.105; VG 1.106