September 11, 2018

kritnet XVII | Realities of the Border Regime – Utopias of Freedom of Movement

November 1-4th


At the European level, we are currently observing a restabilization of the Dublin system and increasing border externalization, for instance through the creation of transit centers in third countries. At the national level, the right to asylum is constantly being undermined and the threat of deportation is rising. At the same time, right-wing movements have grown stronger in many European countries. It is ever more difficult for refugees to access protection and the right to have rights is constantly denied. At the 2018 Kritnet Conference in Berlin, we aim to open up a space for analyzing this intensification of the border regime. We would like to oppose the current reality with concrete utopias. We therefore look at solidarity practices at the EU’s external borders and within the EU, as well as at local groups that oppose restrictive efforts within the border regime. Particular attention will be given to postcolonial perspectives.

We hope to consider the following topics, among others:

Analysis and Critique of the Border Regime’s Reality:

• Postcolonial perspectives, colonial continuities in the present border regime, the historical foundations of contemporary racism

• Intersectional analysis

• Externalization of migration policies

• Law and access to rights

• etc.

Between Resistance and Utopia:

• Collective (infra)structures of migration at the local, regional, and transnational level

• Concrete utopias and utopian practices of freedom of movement

• Struggles connected to the right to go and stay, connections between struggles for the right to migrate and not to migrate, juridical questions

• etc.

Notes on the Submissions

Discussions of these topics and questions could take on many different forms: Workshops, panels, meetings between people working on certain shared themes, spoken word performances, etc.

There is no strict format for proposals, however they should include the following key information: title, or subject, a short presentation of the content, contact or group coordinator, format, time frame, languages.

Please send us your ideas and suggestions corresponding to these different topics by 22 September 2018: On the basis of these submissions, we will compile a program.