März 21, 2015

Urgent call for international solidarity with hunger strikes in UK

*The Network for Critical Migration and Border Regime Research supports the
hunger strikers in several UK detention centres and their demands to the
Home Office to end the detention fast track system as well as indefinite
detention, to allow for medical care and proper legal support and to
address the unbearable living conditions for thousands locked up in often
privately run centres. The Network opposes any kind of detention and stands
opposed to the continuous violation of human rights on a mass scale in the
UK. *

****Urgent call for international solidarity with hunger strikes in UK
migrant detention centres****

Hundreds of people are on hunger strike in over half of the UK’s
immigration detention centres. This is the biggest uprising against
Britain’s racist detention system for a decade. People are speaking out
through a blog –

Detained Voices https://detainedvoices.wordpress.com/ – and
Standoff Films https://www.facebook.com/standoffilms).

To put international pressure on the UK government, we need solidarity
protests outside British Embassies, High Commissions and Consulates in your
countries, as soon as possible. We also need foreign journalists to cover
the hunger strike. Please let us know if you can help organise this. People
inside are hugely motivated to know that knowledge of their protest is
spreading. Any coverage is a win.

Supportive messages/photos can be sent to detainedvoices@riseup.net. If you
would like to speak to a media spokesperson from those detained we can also
put you in contact.